About Us

We are guitarists.  We like guitars.  The Les Paul, the Stratocaster, the Telecaster, acoustic, electric - you name it, we like them all.  We'd spend all day playing guitar if we could, but that isn't always a smart thing to do.

The Humbucker Clothing Company™ was born out of a desire to have our own cool guitar-themed apparel.  What little we could find on the Internet was kinda lame, in our opinion, so we created a few of our own.  We'd wear them to gigs and people would ask about them, so we decided to make our products available to guitar enthusiasts everywhere.

Simple, elegant, vintage-looking guitar-themed designs, on the highest quality and most comfortable apparel.  They'll feel like you’ve been wearing them for years and will likely become your favorites.

Wherever possible, we stick with materials that are Made in the USA.

Since we are a small operation, and we have over a thousand different items for sale, we are unable to have units in stock - we make them to order.  We collect the orders and begin a production run each week. It's not instant gratification, but as a practicing guitarist, you should be used to that.  ;)

If you have any questions, please use our Contact Us form.  We'll do our best to answer!

President, Chief, Head Honcho.